Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 - The Patronage Hiring Continues

Remember back in 2011 when the Chancellor fired four City College Presidents???

With Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s blessing, the City Colleges of Chicago on Thursday dumped the presidents of Malcolm X, Olive-Harvey, Truman and Wright Colleges and issued a mandate to boost the system’s seven percent graduation rate and reverse an enrollment decline that defies industry trends.
Emanuel said the new college presidents chosen after a nationwide search will have the autonomy to tailor solutions to the needs of students. But they will be held accountable for improving student performance. BY FRAN SPIELMAN City Hall Reporter
A 2011 nation wide search resulted in new presidents, all with higher education credentials, accept for the President at Harold Washington College who was selected based on his political connections and ties to the Civic Consulting Alliance. The explanation in 2011 was that new experienced leadership was necessary in order to move the City Colleges of Chicago forward.

Fast Forward to 2014...
Well it looks like the Chancellor is up to her old tricks of patronage hiring and positioning of FOC (Friends of Cheryl) because she has gotten away for so long with these actions it is clear by her most recent appointment that Ms. Hyman believes that she can continue to appoint those with no experience and minimal credentials. Now Kennedy-King College must accept incompetent leadership by the self-described "WHO THE HELL IS THIS ONE?" President. For those of you at KKC who were required to sit through the College Wide Meeting, you will remember 'President' Stevens' unprofessional self-introduction. Kennedy-King College continues to suffer with lack of stable leadership in the President's office.  What makes an IT person from CPS, then CCC District Office who has held a Masters degree for less than a year qualified to lead an accredited community college? This presidential appointment is the result of a national search? Really?? What nation was the search conducted in??? Was this selection the recommendation of the search committee????
More to come. Pass this site on if you are committed to Saving the City Colleges of Chicago!