Monday, April 18, 2011

Cheryl Has to Go!!!

Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel named Rochester, N.Y., schools Supt. Jean-Claude Brizard on Monday as Chicago’s new schools chief.  Jean-Claude Brizard has an education and business background.  Emanuel said he didn’t end up having to pick between an educator and a manager in deciding to bring in Brizard.“Choosing between a manager and an experienced educator is a false choice,” Emanuel said. He said Brizard has shown himself to be both an excellent teacher “and a proven manager.”

Why does City Colleges of Chicago have a Chancellor without an education background and no proven leadership experience?  Cheryl Hyman only had a good story (from Rags to Riches)... she only had one year experience as a Vice President at ComEd, no education background, and no doctorate degree (despite the robe she will wear during graduation).  Students deserve better...we deserve better.  

Student's we want to praise and applaud you for your demonstration last week!  Here's a few clips from Friday's protest.


  1. Why? So the corruption channels and politicians can reinvent jobs and create many positions for their friends. So they can sell public property to the weasels.

    They don't care about students. All they care about is how to land a six figure job for a Mayor friend's wife or a son of a political ally who did something on the Olympic Committee. It's all about political favors. Blago was just a loud and stupid guy, while these guys are the real money weasels, much wiser, sneaky and well protected.

    The question is whether any money ended in personal wallets through all these million dollar deals wasted on assignments that could have been done for one tenth of what they wasted on them. Most likely not, because they don't need to steal when they can assure six figure positions for each other and big gigs for consulting companies they own or count on future favors from. Why isn't FBI investigating the ripoffs you listed? This is sickening.

  2. Check out Cheryl's bankruptcy filing:

  3. Where is your protest for adequate teachers, computers, libraries, classrooms and buildings at the City Colleges? As a former employee and student of CCC, everyone there knows its wrought with redundancy, ineptness, and and all around lack of care for the students. So what if she doesn't have a background in education. She's running a business. One that academics have run into the ground.

    What have you or the others that believe Ms. Hyman is inadequate done to improve the quality of education at CCC. What have those with doctorates done? Having a doctorate is not even a qualification to teach at CCC so how can you feel it would be so darn beneficial to Ms. Hyman.

    One can only conclude that Ms. Hyman was not just appointed as a Vice-President at ComEd. Surely she held previous positions that allowed her to exhibit leadership qualities. Instead of listing what you think are her deficiencies, why not list her accolades and your qualifications to assess her?