Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Who is the new CPS CEO and how will he carry out Rahm's education agenda?

While researching the new CPS CEO, Mr. Brizard, I wasn't surprised by my findings.....  
He was born in Haiti and raised in poverty in a New York housing project by his immigrant parents — both teachers — Jean-Claude Brizard had to fight his way to the top.  Good Story...sounds familiar?  
When you dig deeper you will understand why Rochester's educators wanted him to leave, banded together in a 94% vote of no confidence, and held public demonstrations: 
Jean-Claude Brizard holds a corporate, privatization agenda which we recognize as an agenda hostile to the best interests of the students and the people of the community.  This agenda blatantly disregards student and community voices and devalues engaged citizens, especially when they don't blindly obey the privateer-pushed profit-driven direction held by "Business Driven Leaders".  The people in Rochester who resisted this agenda and fought for positive, research-based alternatives stand in solidarity with us in Chicago who continue this struggle. The sooner more recognize this for what it is in Chicago and organize and mobilize throughout the nation, the better. For those interested in more knowledge on how this agenda has unfolded in Rochester and likely will continue in Chicago, you can read additional information on 
Here's a clip of Sharkey at a CTU press conference, criticizing Brizard's position on merit pay and several other school policies:

Chicago Sun-times: Rahm Emanuel announced his Chicago Public Schools team on Monday, tapping Jean-Claude Brizard, the Rochester, N.Y schools chief as his Chief Executive Officer. Business executive Penny Pritzker--who led the Obama fund-raising drive in 2008--is named by Emanuel as a CPS board member. Names of other top appointees and their bios: 


No one in this city should be confused about where Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel wants to take the Chicago Public Schools. 



  1. Unfortunately, this paints an even clearer picture that things at the City Colleges of Chicago will not be changing any time soon. Cheryl Hyman is here to stay, regardless of her lack of experience in higher education.

    Though I appreciate how the "dots" have been connected through your writing and the writing of others, I question what the intention can be. There is no offer of possible solutions except to say that "we" must come together. My question is how? Is there anyone willing to take the lead on this? Please show those of us who are willing to fight, a clear path (heck, even a blurry one) to make it so. This site has been viewed well over 11,000 times and it's likely that 200 of those views are mine, as I check back often. But, doesn't anyone have suggestions for action to offer? The truth is I don't. The truth is I love my job and I fear not having my job. As a result, I find myself ever more frustrated and searching for another path. I doubt that I am alone...am I?

  2. Old but interesting article.