Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Your action is needed in 2012

Next year is a big year for City Colleges of Chicago... the 3 year contract for Cheryl Hyman will be up for renewal in April 2012.  I have provided you with information demonstrating her lack of leadership and integrity. 

Now it's up to you!

1 - If you are aware of any wrongdoings from Cheryl Hyman or the District Employees you can submit a tip to the BGA:  http://www.bettergov.org/tips/ or make a FOIA request at  http://www.cityofchicago.org/city/en/progs/foia.html

2 - You can share your thoughts with Rahm Emanuel and the City of Chicago College Board by writing a letter. Mayor's Address: 121 N. LaSalle Street, Chicago City Hall 4th Floor, Chicago, IL 60602.  

3 - You can keep informed by frequently visiting: the Reinvention Truth Website at: http://citycollegeschicagoreinvention-truths.blogspot.com/

To Save City Colleges of Chicago in 2012 - it's up to everyone to do their part.


  1. You can also share your thoughts with the Higher Learning Commission (http://www.ncahlc.org) which accredits the SEVEN INDIVIDUALLY accredited campuses of the City Colleges of Chicago.

    This is only mentioned since the new Chief of Staff (Craig Lynch) re-raised that spectre during a January 5th district-wide conference call (and everyone had hoped THAT issue had died when Angela Henderson "resigned"/was paid handsomely to go away). We all know what single-accreditation means for faulty and students...

    On a different note, it has also been mentioned that the "chancellorette" is in deed a placeholder. A placeholder for whom you may ask? Here are a couple of clues...

    Initials: A. D.
    Former Job: Superintendent
    Current job: Secretary
    Looking to: Bale from the current President's Administration slower than Rahm did.

    Here's a clue: His lisp has slowed his exit...

    Who can guess the name of the person that the Chancellorette is saving a seat for?....

  2. Ask questions folks. Rumor has that the presidents have now gotten raises that put their salaries above that of the new dean of medical careers at MXC. After only only six months, the presidents may now be earning over 150K. And what have they done beyond destroy the individuality of the 7 INDEPENDENTLY accredited colleges?

    Suggestion (I KNOW it's not the faculty's fight) but it may be if you saw the Rahmfathers speech to the economic club of chicago. If you didn't read it, you'll go where the Rahmfather says you will go. The Rahminator has a honey badger perspective (honey badger don't care).

    This is the way to go. CCC is NOT part of the Shakman agreement. We have become the dumping ground for the "mayor's" political need to survive.

    Ask questions about the "president's" salaries. Ask why a dean was hired outside of CCCs publicly prescribed salary range? Ask why an unqualified VC got a raise for being nothing more than the "Chancellorette's" lap dog?

    It's a twisted web that is being woven. A web that should be cut short. A web that should and will be brought to the CCC IG's attenton, the City of Chiocago's IG, the aldermanic, IG's attention, and OF COURSE the FEDERAL moderator overseeing hiring in Chicago.

    Double down Rahm! Triple dog dare you to double down...Are multiple IG investigations of concern? They should be since this guy NEVER knew about the beard and/or its attachments...

  3. Is it wrongdoing on the Chancellor's part if the new presidents have received "salary adjustments" that raise their salaries to $156,000 a year? After only six months on the job?? Those who know CCC practices also know, a "salary adjustment" does not need CCC Board approval (and therfore said adjustments will not appear in any CCC Board report). And how much was the faculty's raise this year?

  4. Gypsies, tramps and thieves. Faculty rolling over for Cheryl and/or Rahm. Faculty were on the selection "committee" for the new presidents. Where do faculty go in 2013? Where do they go beyond 2013? Where do they go right now in the face of 1708? Where do they go will they go when Perry Buckley tells them to go without a salary increase for yet another year while his retirement is taken care of? What will faculty do? Where do faculty go in the face of district office staff getting YOUR raises? Where will faculty go when they find out that the "presidents" have gotten "salary adjustments" (that did not have to go before the board)after six months while the faculty got nothing? Where will the faculty go? What will they do? That's right, it's not their fight...

  5. The Chacellorettew told Inside HigherEd a few months ago that all the new presidents have PhD's. Do they really? I can think of one "new president" that does not have a doctoral degree (and his master's was Columbia U's feel good moment). If she is lying to the national media about the degrees her presidents have, what else is she lying about?

  6. It is indeed up to the faculty now. I have filed my grievances with the IG. Where has the faculty been? I know you all are resting on your "laurels" in preparation of contract negotiations. That's al great good for you. Frankly, I will no longer moderate childish skirmishes among prima donas with bigger egos than hollywood divas. Please get your self-important asses together before I leave CCC and leave you all to your own devices...

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