Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mass Graduation - We Want Your Feedback!

How was your experience at the City College of Chicago 2011 Mass Graduation?  Please post your comments and give us your feedback.

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  1. It was hot... a hot mess... they started naming student names at 7:50 PM and they weren't finished until 9:30 PM. It was the worst "cattle called" graduation I have ever attended. The only part of the graduation I enjoyed was when the audience "BOOed" Chancellor Hyman when her named was called. That was hilarious.

  2. The graduation was a HOT MESS. It was the worst "cattle called" graduation I have ever attended. Who idea was it to combine all seven colleges into one graduation? Many students were still in the audience when their name was called to walk across the stage. By the time the graduation was over - only 50 students (out of 1600 students) were still in the audience. The entire ceremony took over 3 1/2 hours long.

  3. How much did taxpayers pay LimeGreen to conduct this graduation? Is this the new Reinvention way? How much did we pay for the new logos? Were the colleges involved in the process?

    What a waste of money - time - and resources.

  4. The worst part of the graduation was waiting in the parking lot in the heat without a place to sit for an hour 1/2. Everyone was in the hot sun (students and faculty) expect for the Chancellor and her Vice Chancellors - they were inside at a pre-graduation reception with alcoholic drinks and food. How's that for "STUDENTS COMES FIRST".

  5. Why did the Chancellor wear a robe that represented her graduate school colors with a CCC logo (not a seal) on the front? She also wore a doctorate hood without earning a doctorate degree. How disrespectful to the academy and to all the educators that earned a doctorate degree. Of course what should we expect from her?

  6. Common Graduation for 7 colleges did not serve the sence of belonging. It was attending UICs graduation. All Students, Faculty, Presidents, Deans seemed that they were out of the place. Each student must have worked hard to get to that point. They need proper recognition for their hard work from their college, family and faculty. This happens only when the graduation takes place in the college they are graduated from.

  7. This event was telling on so many levels. So much for things being student-centered? What was the objective and outcomes of this event -- Chancellor's coronation, which by the was not only a complete failure but a complete eclipse of the "City Colleges" mission.


    1. What happened to the illustrious new Board: did they march out with the band or when the Mayor left (just 5 minutes after telling us about Hyman being the right choice, what his father did, and what he did). (I agree: exactly how many times did he say student in that speech?)

    2. Was it me or did the Faculty, Admin, and Student incoming procession increasingly felt like we were reliving our Auschwitz and Goree Island histories? Crackers and water as refreshments while waiting for 2 hours in a garage...really.

    3. And the grand question: Have You Had Enough Already? Or are we hoping complacency is compensated with a 6-figure special assignment or a UBA deal?

    4. The execution of the reinvention project for the City Colleges of Chicago is going as planned, eh Mayor Rahm? No room for care in corporatization just reimbursements to your donors. Policy by an means necessary, Arnie/Obama/Biden.

    5. And applauds to Professor Choe: hope they don't buy you out with a title and salary/class boost like Mike Davis. Provost anyone?

    PS, Hyman: no more close ups on the jumbotron (and fire the makeup artist too)
    PS, Students: I am sorry you were robbed of your ceremony (we need a do-over)
    PS, Faculty: Speak up we can't hear you when you murmur
    PS, Admins: Are you feeling Hyman's love

  8. Doctorate hoods and robes are to be worn by people who have earned the doctorate degree. The Chancellor should NOT have wore this attire!

  9. Anonymous said...

    I hope that this is the only mass graduation that there is in the ccc! Yes, the Chancellor did wear a doctorate gown, what disrespect that was to everyone that did earn it! It's all about her not the students! She's just plan selfish, spoiled and just need to get her act together, very soon! Is this what we are looking forward to, more lies and mismanagement of the citys' dollars!

    When will the madness STOP!

  10. While I believe some thoughful commentary has been made on the first-ever mass CCC graduation, the critiques are mostly repetitious. I do not know if all or the majority of graduates felt "robbed" since this was a doubly special event in the district's history as both an annual graduation as well as a centennial affair, which is typically recognized by institutions in some unique fashion. Perhaps some participants would acknowledge the honor of both graduating as well as doing so during an historic moment? I don't konw but from what I can tell, it was a momentous undertaking and while planning and provisions were incomplete, I am hoping at least some people aw the event in a different way. Perhaps the CCC will return to individual college events for the future but I just want to point out this was an extra-special occasion and I encourage attendees and graduates to consider the unique context. Thanks and congratulations to all those who are moving forward and upward in preparedness, capability and contribution to the greater good. For all its reported woes, CCC has hopefully done its job in making the world a better place.