Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Top 10 Questions to Ponder Before CCC Mass Graduation

  1. Will the traditional graduation march song be played at graduation or a top 40 show song be played instead?  Not the black eyed peas song again…a college graduation is not a marathon or a trade show.
  2. Will the Chancellor wear a doctorate gown at graduation?  Will CCC administrators wear gowns like uniforms or will they display the education institutions or degrees they actually earned?
  3. Will the President’s sit in the front and pass out the degree’s to the students.  The same student’s they served or will the new Vice Chancellors sit in the front with Cheryl and be given the honor the President’s deserve?
  4. Will Mayor Daley be presented with an honorary President status or has the President’s role been so disrespected at CCC he would rather be presented with an honorary degree instead?
  5. Will the new “college branch” logos be presented at the mass graduation?  Is this the Reinvention way to obtain the input from each college?  First Cheryl copied ComEd’s logo now St. Louis Community College logo.
  6. Will the cost of the mass graduation be published in the board’s meeting minutes or is it buried in the cost of a vendor contract?
  7. Will students respect a Chancellor that rather host a mass graduation at UIC vs. holding it at the local colleges so more family and community members could attend?
  8. Will the old Board Members be attending the mass graduation or will they be disrespected like our Presidents?
  9. Will Cheryl actually speak at the graduation without reading a speech?  “Now all the children that earned a nursing Bachelorette degree please stand.”
  10. Will Mayor Elect Rahm Emanuel continue to allow Cheryl Hyman make these decisions to put her in the spot light and not honor the hard working students at City Colleges of Chicago at graduation?

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