Thursday, June 9, 2011

Chancellor Hyman Fires College Presidents...

Save City Colleges has learned according to Ron Anderson that the Chancellor and Board Chairman have decided to fire the College Presidents at Wright College, Malcolm X College and Truman College. They will keep the President at Daley College despite the fact that he was the only President whose faculty was poised for a vote of No Confidence in his leadership ability.

The Chancellor and Mayor are scheduled to be at Harold Washington College today to make a "major announcement" Wonder what it will be. Yesterday salaries were released in the Mayor's effort to create a "new transparency". Transparency however, does not extend to the City Colleges. CCC salaries were not released, so let's start at the top: Chancellor Cheryl Hyman who has no educational background, who is unable to speak standard English, who feels that our 1708 staff are asking for too much when they request a fair wage, Chancellor Hyman who got her job based on her connection/relationship with Mr. Frank Clark from Commonwealth Edison, with perks and benefits makes well over $275,000 a year. Why was this salary not released?

Stay tuned for the political appointments of individuals connected with the Civic Consulting Alliance, displaced workers from City Hall and other FOC. (FRIENDS OF CHERYL)


  1. Four (of the five) old Presidents were in the top final rounds of interviews. I wonder if we could get a FOIA of the interview process? Hmmmm

  2. They say it is always darkest before the storm. We thought we saw darkness in October when CCC eliminated needed support staff at all 7 campuses and unneccesary support staff a the district office (the district office support staff has since been replenished by new, lower paid, and still unecessary staff).

    Darker days came when the presidents were told to reply for their jobs. The days grew darker when the new candidates were announced (and only one semi-intelligible president was retained. Only one has experience with an urban community college system (and that involved nothing more than setting up Houston Community College's middle eastern campus). The others come from a for profit school with administrative offices in New Jersey (and medical and veterinary schools in the Carribean - and we've all heard about Carribean trained doctors!); Argosy University (not the worst of the proprieary "institutions", but certainly not the best); and a former proprietary school owner (he founded then sold the Institute for entertainment and Media in NYC - an "institute" that educates media and entertainment executives (the Michael Eisners and other Disney-like imagineers of the world).

    I hate to tell folks this, but these are only the dark days! The days will only continue to darken. This is NOT the storm. THAT has yet to hit.

  3. I wouldn't expect Aybar to stay much longer either. Daley is up for review and as soon as HLC is done the last vestiges of the Watson administration, President wise, will be gone.
    Has anyone requested a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) on the Chancellor, her salary, emails, etc.?

    CCC was not listed within the City employee salary database, possible they just haven't made it to us. Or the mayor's office saw the numbers and shit bricks.

  4. The CCC is not a city agency, technically. CCC employees are not city employees in the same manner as CTA, CHA, or even CPD staff, etc.

    Check the charter(s) -- the CCC is a state institution...