Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Once Again CCC Leadership Fails to Act in Good Faith... Prepare for more budget(people) cuts at your campus.

Although he scheduled the meeting, CCC Board Chairman Martin Cabrera and Chancellor Cheryl Hyman were both no shows as concerned members of the Save City Colleges Coalition were asked to leave Malcolm X College. (See video below) It appears that the Chairman and Chancellor believe that they can continue to remain silent, that the concerns of the students, faculty, staff and the community do not need to be addressed.

In the meantime the Chancellor continues with her frivolous spending on new logos, school color changes and Reinvention and Presidential Search Consultants when she knows exactly who she wants to be President at each of the six colleges.  After making her "case for change" and manipulating data to tell anyone who would listen that the City Colleges only has a 7% graduation rate, the Chancellor now wonders why enrollment across the entire district is down. Now all of the sudden (after Mayor Emanuel lends his support to remediation) the Chancellor and her Reinvention consultant from Mckinsey & Company, Dr. Alvin Bisarya publically admit to the Chicago Sun Times (May 29, 2011) that more than 30% of students entering colleges do not meet the basic standards in math, reading or English. WOW! You mean to tell me that students are coming to the City Colleges from CPS unprepared???? Go figure! The City Colleges needed to spend over five million dollars in new executive hires at district office to make this discovery?

Hopefully the new Board members will look critically at the actions of the Chancellor and the Board Chairman and put an end to the mismanagement that has been allowed to flourish under Cheryl Hyman's "LEADERSHIP".  Please plan to attend the next CCC Board meeting Thursday June 16th at 10:00 a.m. in the new lavishly remodeled Board Room at the City Colleges district office 226 West Jackson room 300, arrive early to secure a seat. The CCC Board of Trustees needed this room remodeled; after all they meet once a month for 2 hours, another waste of taxpayer's money while our students continue to suffer from lack of resources and our campuses are in disrepair. Look at your campus, notice the weeds, the peeling paint, the lack of adequate lighting, this list can go on and on. Send this blog photos of your campus; let's ask the Chancellor how she can justify the funding of a new Board Room at district office when the campuses need so much. How many millions did this new Board Room cost?

Attend the meeting, discover the Chancellor's new Presidential Picks, and let your voice be heard regarding upcoming budget cuts that are now planned for every campus to the tune of millions. There is a reason why the 1708 contract is being stalled. Let's ask that the cuts be made at district office, where NO students will be impacted. This is how it was done recently at CPS.

See video below

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