Tuesday, March 22, 2011

City Colleges of Chicago Creating a Caste System of Graduation

Ms. Hyman is creating a mass graduation for students.  Many of our students will be the first in their families to graduate from college...  How insensitive to only allow 4 tickets for each student.  She is more excited to "flaunt" the special guest speaker from Washington D.C. in a grand event to get more attention for herself.  In addition, she can line up her new "politically connected" Presidents to shake the hands of students for whom they did nothing to contribute towards their accomplishments.

How insensitive of you, Ms. Hyman...  Shame on you!  Shame on you!  Did City Colleges of Chicago do this to you when you received your first degree from Olive Harvey College?  Is this really a decision that favors our students?

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Graduation is traditionally a point of celebration, whether it is at the high school, a university, or the City Colleges of Chicago. Until this year, graduation from the City Colleges meant that there was a ceremony one's respective campus. 

This year, all of the campuses will take part in a district-wide ceremony at the University of Illinois-Chicago Pavilion. While this may seem to be a small thing on the surface, it is creating divisions across the student populations. 

Last spring, ceremonies across the district were inclusive in nature. For example, at Olive-Harvey College, the institution held one graduation ceremony, where those students receiving Associate degrees were able to walk across the stage, along with their peers that completed certificate programs and those students that were a part of the General Education Degree program. 

By recognizing all of these students, it helped in creating a sense of equality along with a sense of community amongst all students. Now as the colleges are coming to together to celebrate the end of the academic year, it has been made clear by Chancellor Cheryl Hyman, that graduation is just for those earning an Associates. In a memo to students, she has said a separate recognition ceremony would be held for adult education certificate candidates on a separate date. 

While she says, "Graduation is a significant milestone on the path to a rewarding career or further education", it seems it is only for those that are deemed worthy. So this May, the community has been removed from the community college graduation, as the individual campuses will not celebrate their students and the district alienates their potential associate degree graduates of the future.

Hopefully as the City College's starts their second century, Chancellor Hyman puts the whole community back in the college graduations.

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  1. Of course, let's look at the cost associated with this graduation. The cost of having this mass ceremony will be higher as the rental of the pavilion and overflow location will outweigh any savings of each college doing their own efforts.

    Being a former administrator at one of the colleges, it was nice to be able to shake the hand of each of the graduates and share a brief word with those that I got to know during their tenure at the college.

    But why should we be surprised? CCC has been caring less about the students as people and treat them as products to get in and get out.