Monday, March 14, 2011

It Pays to be an Hourly Support Staff at the City Colleges of Chicago District Office

It Pays To Be an Hourly Support Staff At The
City Colleges of Chicago District Office

Craig Lynch
Then: hourly support staff at $72.12/hour.
Now: Vice Chancellor Information Technology/CIO $150,000

Alvin Bisarya
 Then: hourly support staff at $64.90/hour.
Now: Vice Chancellor-Strategy& Institutional Intelligence $135,000

Michael Daigler
 Then: hourly support staff at $57.69/hour.
Now: Vice Chancellor Development $120,000

Jamie Guzman
Then: hourly support staff at $52.88/hour.
Now: Chief Advisor to the Board of Trustees $110,000

Gregory King
Then: hourly support staff at $50.34/hour.
Now: District Director-Marketing & Public Relations $104,700

Josephine Mancilla
Then: hourly support staff at $40.87/hour
Now: Director-Branding & Marketing (Communications) $85,000

Yes, it pays to be an hourly support staff at District Office. It pays to the tune of

Over a half million dollars spent for six salaries. How many of our campus clerical support staff jobs could have been saved? Does our clerical staff have a signed contract yet? Are these six people going to have any direct contact with our students? Are these six people going to increase our student retention rates? Will our graduation rates be increased as a result of these six positions?

Our campus support staff is extremely valuable to our faculty and students; they impact our students on a daily basis. Our clerical support staff does not have fancy titles like the former hourly support staff at the District Office, but the service that they provide at the seven colleges is irreplaceable. Give them the respect that they deserve. Give them a living wage and return the ones you terminated. It is clear that the District has the money to do so.


  1. How do you get one of these jobs? Are they all ghost payroll?

    Bravo for your work here webmaster!

  2. You should check your titles on some of those people as that is really outdated information. As for the outsourcing of Marketing to the tune of $500,000... you may want to really ask why they didn't use their own marketing and design team to do the work... or why they didn't even ask them to.

    Also, you may look into the background of those two companies and how under qualified they really are to do the type of work that they are doing.

  3. Do you know and could you tell us when was "then" for each of them - I'm just curious when these "wheel reinventors" worked part time and received such outrageous wages.