Monday, March 14, 2011


Dear CCC Board of Trustees:
Recently the City Colleges of Chicago began a major credential review for all faculty. In many instances faculty were told to resubmit transcripts and to prove that they were qualified to teach the classes that they have been teaching for years. Some faculty were informed that now, all of the sudden they are not qualified to teach a particular course as a result of this district-wide credential review.
While we agree that credentials are extremely important in maintaining the academic integrity of our institutions, we believe that this requirement holds true for those who are given leadership positions at the District Office.
On July 14, 2010 the Chancellor announced that the CCC Board of Trustees had approved a change of title for Mr. Michael A. Mutz from Vice-Chancellor of Development (fundraising) to Vice-Chancellor of Client Services & Student Engagement.
Board Chairman and Trustees our question is simple. Who is conducting the credential reviews for the leadership at the District Office? Recently campuses were informed that the Student Services Departments would now be required to report directly to Mr. Mutz. The Student Services Department is the most integral facet in each college for the success of our students. Board members, as you are aware the Student Services Departments at the colleges includes the areas ofacademic advisingtutoringregistrationfinancial aiddisability accessveteran’s affairs and student government 
Why has the Board of Trustees made the decision to entrust such vital components for the success of our 120,000 students to Mr. Mutz? What in Mr. Mutz’s credential review demonstrates his ability to ensure student success in these critical areas? As a director of fundraising for the City Colleges of Chicago was Mr. Mutz involved with student success on any level? Prior to his employment with the City Colleges of Chicago Mr. Mutz’s career included stints with TiVo(the company that sold video recording equipment), US Cellular, and AT&T. How does this prior work history make Mr. Mutz qualified to make decisions on important issues like tutoring, academic advising, retention, and remediation for the students of the City Colleges of Chicago?
Our students are not products to be sold or marketed. Our students are PEOPLE! People who rely on those with the power to make decisions to do so using sound judgment. We call on the Board of Trustees City Colleges of Chicago Community College District 508 to articulate the rationale for placing Mr. Mutz in this most important role.
Is Mr. Mutz’s appointment to this critical position based on his relationship with a powerful person at City Hall?


  1. Concerned Instructor of City Colleges of Chicago

    As adjunct faculty for one of the City College’s of Chicago, more specifically Olive Harvey for several years as to date, there are some issues that need to be said. I would like to add as well that I started my educational journey at Olive Harvey so it really disheartens me to have to write this.

    I have a Master’s Degree in Communication Studies and Training and have completed 70 % of a Doctoral Program in Post Secondary and Adult Education, and have taught at the College level for 10 years. The classes that I have taught on the campus are remedial English courses and composition. Written communication would definitely fall under the scope of English.

    However, in the spring of 2011 I was informed via a phone call a week before classes were contracted to me that I could no longer teach those courses and could only teach speech courses, unfortunately there are none available for me to teach. According to their job description for the English classes there is room for miss-interpretation. Posted below is a brief portion of the job description for English faculty (full and part time) from City College’s website.

    Please review:


    You must have at least a Master's Degree in English, Rhetoric, Composition, Literature, Linguistics, MA Journalism, or MFA in Creative Writing, Poetry or other appropriate sub-discipline, and relevant teaching experience.

    It would appear that a Master's in Communications and Training would fall under the appropriate sub-discipline and the relevant teaching experience is that of at least 10 years.

    It would also be worthwhile to mention there have been several semesters where I worked over half way through before getting paid for services rendered. It appears too that the seniority list for adjunct faculty is a joke as well, as I am number 3 on the list at the campus. Because of the re-invention, for the first time in four years I am unemployed and cannot get unemployment. According to Section 612 there is reasonable assurance that I will be returning in the next academic term or year. City Colleges have not offered me any classes for the summer or fall semesters as in previous years.

    Respectfully, my colleagues and I are the frontline solders’ and are exposed to numerous behavior issues exhibited by students who have a lot of diversity and baggage they bring to the classroom. I was stalked by a student an entire semester and after the semester ended and administration did nothing about the situation, putting my life in danger. We obviously have a great love for our profession. And with being said, it would be appropriate that the powers that be come down from the Ivory Tower and meet with these stakeholders and members who do the real work of educating our students.

    Cheryl Hyman and her comrades have not a clue what the front line solders go through while they sit in the Ivory Tower and dictate orders. Transformational leaders walk with the members and become a part of the changes. There is no way that City Colleges can be operated like a corporation. What worked for ComED is not going to work for the students, stakeholders, and members (namely the instructors). Morale is low among some of my colleagues because of this re-invention (reinvention is not even a word). It makes me wonder as well how Ms. Hyman would feel if she worked and did not get paid in a timely manner. So in many respects it is business as usual as the Chancellor surrounds herself with individuals that share the same mentality as she does.


    Claudia Williams (Olive Harvey Campus)

  2. Mr. Mutz has a wife (Mara George) who was Mayor Daley's top lawyer. His job at CCC was a gift from Mayor Daley. He had no experience or credentials in development.