Thursday, March 24, 2011

What Do We Want?

The current Chancellor is only concerned with implementing her business model and providing six figure salaries for her friends. It is a sad day for the City Colleges of Chicago.
We want to see the Chancellor removed and replaced with someone who understands higher education and the needs of our students, we now turn our focus to keeping our Presidents. The only reason Ms. Hyman wants them to reapply for their jobs is because she wants to replace them with her politically connected friends-notice what happened at Harold Washington. The Presidents (who are qualified and who love their students and have demonstrated years of commitment to their colleges and communities) should be given an opportunity to develop student success guidelines with the input from faculty/students/community and execute them.
History shows that institutional change on college campuses is always driven by students and faculty standing together. As faculty we will support students efforts, we have demonstrated our commitment with last nights vote of No Confidence.

Please click on the 2 comments below for a list of newly hired/promoted district personnel.  Also included is the prior city or politically connected institution or department from which each employee came (where available).


  1. Here is the May 2010 – December 2010 Hiring List (in chronological order from first hired to most recently hired):

    Ronny Anderson ($120,000)
    Chief of Staff

    Vernese Edghill-Walden ($80,000)
    Executive Director, Academic Development

    Tenelle Barnes ($95,000)
    Director, Employee Benefits & Health

    Alvin Bisarya ($135,000)
    Vice Chancellor, Strategy and Institutional Intelligence
    From Renaissance Schools Fund and McKinsey & Company

    Shawn Burnett-Whitaker ($110,000)
    Senior Staff Attorney
    From the City of Chicago

    Michael Daigler
    Vice Chancellor, Development ($120,000)

    James Randall Dempsey ($127,000)
    312-553- 3372

    John Gasiorowski ($135,000)
    Inspector General
    From the Chicago Board of Education

    Jaime Guzman ($110,000)
    Chief Advisor to the Board of Trustees
    From Chicago Public Schools

    Gregory King ($104,700)
    District Director, Marketing & Public Relations

    Craig Lynch ($150,000)
    Vice Chancellor, Information Technology/CIO
    From Chicago Public Schools

    Josephine Lucy Mancilla ($85,000)
    Director, Branding & Marketing

    Joyce Carson ($150,000)
    Vice Chancellor, Business Enterprise
    From Exelon (Chancellor’s former employer)

    Veronica Clemons ($123,000)
    Executive Director, Communications
    No Number or e-mail found…no longer with CCC

    Michael Davis ($104,700)
    Associate Vice Chancellor, STEM

    Angela Henderson ($155,000)
    Provost & Chief Academic Officer

    Diane Minor ($135,000)
    Vice Chancellor, Administrative Services & Procurement
    From the City of Chicago, Chicago Public Schools, and the Chicago Park District

    Olga Gutierrez ($105,000)
    Executive Director, Legislative & Government Affairs
    From Chicago Public Schools

    Cheiko High ($90,000)
    Executive Director, Community Relations
    From the Illinois Department of Transportation

    Katheryn Hayes ($87,000)
    Director, External Communications
    From Renaissance Schools Fund

    Scott Martyn ($104,700)
    Executive Director, Strategic Planning
    From the Civic Consulting Alliance

    Juan Carlos Michel ($83,000)
    Investigating Supervisor

    James Taggart ($83,000)
    Investigating Supervisor

    George Thomson ($96,772)
    Senior Staff Attorney
    From the City of Chicago

    Sameer Gadkaree, ($90,000)
    Project Team Leader, Institutional Intelligence
    From McKinsey & Company

    Tawakalitu Jogonosimi ($98,000)
    Director, Strategic Planning (Institutional Intelligence)
    From Chicago Public Schools

    Farah Muscadin ($90,000)
    Associate Director, Legislative Affairs
    From the State of Illinois, the City of Chicago, and Cook County

    Angel Quinones-Aviles ($104,700)
    Executive Director, Internal Auditing

    Santiago Rocha ($95,000)
    District Director, Student Engagement

    Ronald Schofield ($125,000)
    Executive Director, Communications

  2. Here is the January 2011 – February 2011 Hiring List (in chronological order from first hired to most recently hired):

    Joseph DeLopez ($143,000)
    Vice Chancellor, Safety and Security
    From Winnetka Police Dapt and the Chicago Police Dept.

    James Frankenbach ($130,000)
    Chief Operating Officer
    From the CCC Reinvention External Advisory Council

    Debra Gurney ($104,700)
    Executive Director, Nursing Programs

    Derrick Harden ($120,000)
    Managing Director, Special Projects

    Janice Yanantali Mejia ($90,000)
    Project Team Leader, Institutional Intelligence

    Patricia Rios ($135,000)
    Vice Chancellor, Human Resources and Staff Development
    From Chicago 2016 Olympic Bid Team and the Metropolitan Pier & Exposition Authority

    Simon Visser ($123,200)
    Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Financials

    Daphne Black ($84,000)
    Executive Director, Alumni Relations
    From Renaissance Schools Fund

    Steven Dorner ($116,539)
    Executive Director, Infrastructure Services
    From Chicago Public Schools

    Phyllis Daniels-Ward ($119,603)
    Associate Vice Chancellor, Workforce Development

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  4. It's very clear where the money came from to cover the hiring of Cheryl's friends- from the seven City Colleges' budgets! She's Centralizing everything downtown in the name of UNIFYING the Colleges and decreasing the expenses to Taxpayers! If you can believe that,after reading the Board reports between last May, 2010 and Feb., 2011, then you most certainly are among her lucky six-figure plus friends she hired! Why hasn't she dared to show her face anywhere in the MEDIA since last week's CBS News report??? Her Spokesperson said "there's no story here"! Really, well come on campus and "LISTEN" to the students that are being short-changed by a lack of Advisors. Talk to the students who have had their Continuing Education classes(required for certain State Licenses)cancelled because they don't meet what District Office deems the "magic number of 15" to run. Never mind that the class may bring a 75% profit to the College AFTER paying the instructor. And never mind that the class may be one that serves a specific audience- like for our 65 and over students- sorry, we can't run this class for you any more. Yes, we (the staff)understand that you can't afford to take this computer class with the "XYZ school" or Park District but the "people" who are reinventing your CITY COLLEGES DON"T CARE! Because, contrary to what Cheryl's friend's new slogan says, It' NOT all about U, our students; it's about you, Cheryl. You've taken the City Colleges and single-handedly are destroying what took 100 years to build!
    A special Thank you to our outgoing Mayor Daley for again proving how ignorant he is as to educating our students! Shame on you for being so "politically Correct" and hiring this Com-ed reject! I hope that Mayor Emmanuel has the insight and TRUE concern for education that he can undo what has been done before it's too late!
    There are always changes that can be made in any setting, but to randomly break down every department, on every campus and "re-invent" successful programs for the sake of getting your name in print is DESPICABLE!

  5. This year, September 11, 2011, the City Colleges of Chicago will celebrate 100 years of educating students from all walks of life. Instead of it being a celebration of a proud legacy of successes, the staff, presidents and faculty wonder if there will be a CCC to celebrate in 2012? Our students are being forced to graduate at UIC Pavillion - what connection do they have there? And good news, they get to listen to someone from Washington address them on their Graduation day. Instead of being personally addressed by their College Presidents and faculty that were instrumental in their completion!
    Ms. Hyman wants the City Colleges to look the same, offer everything the same way, etc.. Has she looked at the students that attend the City Colleges? They come to the City Colleges for different reasons-some of our students' parents don't make $150,000/year! Some of them do, but want their children to get a solid education BEFORE they enter the 4 year university. Some of them even take classes because they WANT to, NOT because they NEED to! We all have different goals.
    As Ms. Hyman DEINVENTS the City Colleges, how appropriate is it that our 100 year anniversary falls on SEPTEMBER 11th! Yes, we'll ALL remember this one, too!

  6. "Centralizing" and "unifying" what a joke!
    Each college served the unique needs of the community it was located in.There was always a sense of family at each campus now this newly created monster called the central office has destroyed the sense of pride and uniqueness that existed at each college.
    Education should liberate people not create a robotic system contolled by central command.