Monday, March 21, 2011

You need to be "Politically" Connected to be a City Colleges of Chicago President

Kennedy King College Campus - 

Did anyone get a copy of the yellow flyer with Lincoln Chandler's picture on it?  Under his picture it stated: Lincoln Chandler "Civic Consultant" - Not Wanted Here - Cheryl Hyman's Choice for KKC President before the Nation Search Begins.  

Cheryl hired a search firm at the rate of $336,000 to conduct a national search to justify hiring Civic Consulting Alliance Employees.  Why?

The President at Harold Washington, Don Laackman, does not have a strong education background or senior leadership experience......however, his wife is "politically" connected. Just Google (Allyson Lacckman) and you will understand why he got the job.  In addition, Brian Fabes, CEO of the Civic Consulting Alliance (CCA), was on the search committee to hire his colleague, Don Laackman, who was an executive for CCA.

If I was an existing President, this might be a clear sign that you may want to go to an institution where educating students is appreciated and valued.  City Colleges of Chicago is just another place to get a political job at expense of our students.

If City Colleges of Chicago needs leadership with accountability - we need to start at the top with Cheryl Hyman.  If the Presidents (who were chosen by their respective faculty, communities, and students) need to re-apply, then Cheryl needs to reapply too!  Otherwise the Presidents should stay and be given the respect and opportunity to perform under the new guidelines.


  1. I saw the flyer and it was not a surprise that this would happen. President Dozier has done a great job at Kennedy King College but I would be surprised if he would want to stay at City Colleges of Chicago - would you want to work for her?

  2. I got the flyer - it was in the faculty lounge on the seat. It was a disgrace to have an Auditor sit in a President seat while President Dozier is out on leave... it would be a disgrace to have that job filled with a "Civic Consulting" person that hasn't worked at a college or understand the Englewood community. I went online to see this Mr. Chandler's background - John Dozier has more business and education experience and he is respected in the community. If anyone needs to be replaced it's the Chancellor. Wouldn't it be funny if President Dozier becomes the next Chancellor? Remember this happened with Dr. Watson.... hummmm